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About Paraguay

General information

Official languages:
Spanish and Guaraní
Fernando Lugo
406,752 km2
Guaraní (PYG)
Time zone:
Country code:
Location of Paraguay in South America

Paraguay, one of the smallest countries of South America, is situated between the parallels 19.18° and 27.36° South Latitude, and between the meridians 54.19° and 62.38° West Longitude.

It has a total land area of 157,048 square miles and along the north borders Bolivia and Brazil, Argentina to the south, Brazil to the east and Bolivia and Argentina to the west.

A landlocked country, it accesses the sea through its neighbors, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, and in times past, it did so via its large rivers, particularly the Paraguay river.


Located on the Tropic of Capricorn, Paraguay enjoys a climate that varies from temperate to hot during the majority of the year, withan average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Eastern Region enjoys a more humid and rainy climate; the Western Region is arid and dry.

Summers are long, with temperatures that reach 105 degrees on peak days; winters are mild and short, albeit in the months of July and August, some days the temperature can dip down to 0 degrees centigrade.


Paraguay has two official languages, since the adoption of the Constitution of 1992:  Spanish and Guaraní.  The latter is the first indigenous language that has achieved the status of official state language in the Americas.  Within the Paraguayan territory, other languages and dialects are also spoken and pertain to other four linguistic families:  Toba-Maskoy language, Mataco Mataguayo, Zamuco and Guaicurú. 


The national currency is the Guaraní, which is composed of 100 centimos, or cents, although currently, the coin valued at 10 guaraní is the smallest that has any practical use.

Paraguayan Bills – Guaraní

Paraguayan Bills - Guaraní

Paraguay enjoys freedom of religion and the current Constitution establishes the separation of church and state, although in one of its sections, it outlines the important role of the Catholic Church in the cultural history of the country.  Ninety-two percent of the population professes to be Catholic.


Paraguay enjoys a representative, participative and pluralist democracy, guaranteed by the first article of the current National Constitution.

The state is composed of three branches:  the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial.  The chief of the Executive branch, with the charge of the President of the Republic, remains in office for a period of five years.

Visas – How to get a visa

Travelers coming from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay only need their national identification cards to enter the country.

Established by a decree on a unilateral decision of the government of Paraguay, a second group of countries enjoys the exemption of visas:  Venezuela, Poland, Slovak Republic, the Holy See, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus and Japan.

People coming from all other countries require a visa for admittance into the country.

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