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About us

Paeonia Rubra Ltd. is based in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria and originated as subsequent to the vision of dynamic and creative professionals in tourism with international experience in hotel business and resort development. Paeonia Rubra Ltd. considers itself a dynamic developing and supporting team with a constructive individual approach. The company combines a wide number of experts in tourism in its structure. Paeonia Rubra Ltd. is your partner for development, planning and implementation of tourism projects. The company is a member ofBourgas Regional Tourism Association.

Our philosophy 

  • we have a passion for what we do
  • we act as a team
  • we think differently and have new ideas
  • we are committed to work in partnership with experts
  • we have an uncomplicated approach

Services we render:


All year round tailor made individual and group voyages – trips and holidays to the most tempting and attractive inland and international destinations; sun and ski holidays;brief programs; bus travels; culture, educational and hobby tourism; Spa and balneology; eco and mountain tours; tours with organized visits to sports matches, entertainment programmes and happenings.

Teambuilding and IncentiveTours

providingforintensebringingforthofbestresultsandachievementsinbusiness, aswellascreationandwinningrecognitionofnewcompanyattainments and professional loyalty.


licensedtosellasagentfortheleadinginternationalHRSystemsAmadeus, Hotelbeds, etc. Possible accommodation in different quality and style hotels, according to client’s personal predilections for category, location, price standards. 

Flightticketssalesforall globaldestinations– All world air flying companies regular services, charter flights, lowcost carriers,”Wizz Air”, “easyJET”, “Air Berlin”, “MyAir”, “GermanWings” , etc..

Planning and conducting of Conferences and Seminars

All necessary insurances and taxes for your journey.