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Useful information while on Ecuador

Visas and Passports:

If you are coming to Ecuador for a three-month period or less, you will not need a Visa unless you are a Chinese citizen. A passport, valid for the next six months, will be your gate to this new experience.
For more information about visas and all the necessary documentation, please


If you need to make an international call from Ecuador:  first dial 00 + country code + area code + desired phone number


The Ecuadorian national currency is the US Dollar. Travellers’ cheques can easily be cashed in hotels, banks, and travel agencies. Most credit cards are accepted in establishments all over the country.

Time zone:

Ecuador has two time zones; one for mainland Ecuador (UTC/GMT -5) and the other for the Galapagos Islands (UTC/GMT -6).


The climate is predominantly tropical, with variations depending on the region, especially due to altitude differences. The Pacific Coast’s rainy season lasts from January to May. The Amazon Jungle has rain all year round, but it gets stronger from April to June. The Galapagos Islands have a temperate climate; temperatures drop from June to November, but not too much. These three regions are humid and hot.   The Andean Highlands, on the other hand, are more cool and windy, with a rainy season that starts in September and finishes in May.

Region Average temperature Rainy season
Andean Highlands
13º C – 18º C (day time) Sept-May
Pacific Coast
  24ºC – 27ºC   Jan-May
Galápagos Islands 22ºC – 32ºC Jun-Nov (rainy in June and July, and colder until November)
Amazon Rainforest 23ºC – 26ºC  All year round, mostly from April to Jun

 Electric current:

The electric current in Ecuador is 110 kilowatts. But in some places you can find plugs with 220 kilowatts of current, they are usually easy to spot. The deal is: if you come from Europe you need and adptor, if you come from the US you don’t.

Car rental and Taxis:

Some car rental agencies have stands at the main airports and offices in the biggest cities. You can also find information about car rentals through our webpage.
Taxi cabs are another way of reaching your destination within cities. They are easy to find on the streets or can be reached by phone. We recommend you to give priority to registered taxis with taximeter, although taxi drivers charge by the look of your face and accent, like everywhere in the world. While moving around in Quito, don’t pay more than 5USD.

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